RSHB: the only STRAP WINDER you will ever NEED
Tie-down strap winder for flatbed truck driver

RSHB: the only STRAP WINDER you will ever NEED

What is the RSHB® winder?

It is a patented and “universal” tool designed to wind cargo strap in the trucking industry trucking, 18wheelers, semi truck industry (mostly flatbedders). This tie-down strap winder is a handheld tool that fits on a cordless drill.

You drive flatbed (step deck, drop deck, lowboy or B-train), or flatbed delivery truck, You do fulfill ELD, don’t you? This flatbed cargo strap winder will save you time, money, and shoulder injury.

Manual hand winding vs RSHB® winder?

How the RSHB® WINDER could help to prevent injuries?

Simply Let this strap winder do the job for you!

The RSHB® Winder is a tool designed with your safety in mind:

– Before doing anything, use proper security equipment required for your operation (gloves, suitable safety shoe, helmet, high visibility safety vest and safety glasses)

– Work in front of your flatbed winches, so you always keep an eye on your straps to avoid injury

– Work with one hand on the tool and one on your strap to get a nice, neat and tight roll every time

– Use the drill torque selector in the “screw” mode to ensure safe use in the event of a blockage of the winches or straps.

– Insert the RSHB® pinion into the roller of the winch

– In “forward” mode, press the drill’s trigger so the drive dog will take its place in one of the winch’s holes then you will be able to wind your entire strap.

– Slow down the speed of the tool just before the chain and its hook to avoid injury.

– Engage the reverse mode on your drill and pull the trigger to allow the drive dog to fold back onto the pinion so you can remove the RSHB® from the roller.

– Avoid shoulder (rotator cuff) injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, back strain and tendonitis due to manual hand winding.

– Made for men and women in trucking

Essential tool​ This drill strap roller tool does the work for you and is a must for your flatbed tool box.

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