RSHB® FIRE – Fire Hose Winder for Fire Departments

The RSHB® FIRE has become an essential tool on fire trucks for Fire Departments across the country.

Price: $2785,00 (Hose Winder hitch 2'')

Price: $3616,00 (Hose Winder + Tripod Base)

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Fire hose reel

Install the RSHB® FIRE onto the fire truck’s hitch (or services truck’s hitch), so when the fire is under control, the fire hose winding process can start.


  • Very safe tool to use, lightweight, and made of environmentally friendly aluminum
  • The unit helps firemen maintain proper posture (avoid back injury) while winding fire hoses
  • Time-saving when cleaning, decontamination, drying and storing
  • The fireman works in front of the tool, one hand on the RSHB®FIRE and the other on the fire hose, so he always keeps an eye on the fire hose
  • There is a safety bracket to avoid wrist injury while winding.

These fire hose roller saves firemen work and saves their health.

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